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Home Quarantine Means You Can’t Even Hang Out In The Living Room

Home Quarantine Means You Can’t Even Hang Out In The Living Room

Anne Dorall

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As the SOP for returning Malaysians now includes at-home quarantine instead of hotel rooms, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob explained during a press conference that at-home quarantine means you literally cannot leave your room.

At-home quarantine is more than just wearing a wristband and staying within the compound of the house.

If returnees live with other people, they must undergo self-quarantine by confining themselves to their own room, without interacting with other members of the family.

Food and drink can be left outside their room with no contact.

Returnees cannot move freely around the house because they can potentially infect others.

Nope, no human contact allowed.
(Credit: katemangostar/Freepik)

Even if returnees test negative in the first screening, they must follow the proper SOP for two weeks. On the 13th day, if they test negative again and are deemed completely free of the virus, they can resume interaction with members of the same household.

As of June 12, a total of 478 Malaysians returned from abroad, namely from Singapore, UAE, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Brunei.

Of that number, 475 successfully completed their at-home quarantine, while 3 tested positive for Covid-19 and were sent to the hospital.

An additional 270 people arrived in the country through Johor, and have been instructed to complete their self-quarantine as well.

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