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From Watching ‘Free Shows’ To Buying CDs: Malaysians Bid Goodbye To Speedy Videos

From Watching ‘Free Shows’ To Buying CDs: Malaysians Bid Goodbye To Speedy Videos

Kirat Kaur

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After 31 years in business, Speedy Video Distributors Sdn Bhd announced that it will close down all of its outlets nationwide.

The shocking news was delivered via the company Facebook page where it states they are sadly announcing the closure of all their outlets while thanking customers for their support over the years.


Word of Speedy Videos’ closure quickly spread online and Malaysians reminisced on fond memories of days poring over the video tapes and CDs in the past.


According to Malay Mail, Speedy Videos has had the sole rights to home releases from major Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox since 1981.

Ten years after their founding, the enormously popular flagship store in Mid Valley Megamall which was sadly shuttered down in September last year.

Goodbye, Speedy. Thank you for the memories.

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