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Return Of The McDonald’s Samurai Burger & Other New Treats

Return Of The McDonald’s Samurai Burger & Other New Treats

Akmal Hakim

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After some time of absence from the battlefield menu, McDonald’s legendary Samurai Burger is back in stores!

(Credit: McDonald’s)

According to fables, this Japanese inspired grilled beef or chicken patty burger is coated with a sweet and savory layer of teriyaki sauce and would only show up on Malaysian menus once in a blue moon, apparently making its last appearance in 2013.

Besides the return of the elusive sandwich, McD is also introducing a brand new line of melon-flavored ice cream, available in their usual sundae or ice cream cones, besides 2 new lemon and strawberry-flavored McDip toppings for your ice cream cones.

(Credit: McDonald’s)

Besides that, the brand also introduces its new Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, which is said to have a zesty citrus kick to it.

(Credit: McDonald’s)

Also back on the menu is the Green Tea MacFlurry, another Japanese inspired creamy green tea and vanilla ice cream dessert in a cup.

(Credit: McDonald’s)

The items are available from 14 May onwards for McDeliveries, Drive-Thru, and takeaways.

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