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Explore Cool 3D Images of Ancient Artifacts From Muzium Negara Online

Explore Cool 3D Images of Ancient Artifacts From Muzium Negara Online

Kirat Kaur

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Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t delve into the rich history of museum artifacts.

The Museums Department has uploaded over 30 3D images of museum artifacts on the ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive website (HERE) for anyone to explore.

Ancient museum pieces from Muzium Negara can be explored in 3D online.
(Credit: ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive)

Via the 3D explorer you can observe ancient artifacts with much more clarity than possible in person. The museum items can be examined from every angle and even zoomed in to check out minute details.

Among the precious artifacts that can be analysed include the ancient 8th century statue of Avalokitesvara discovered in Bidor, several historical keris, historic gold coins and precious Orang Asli crafts.

Statue of Avalokitesvara from the mid 8th century.
(Credit: ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive)
19th century Kris Semenanjung.
(Credit: ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive)
16th century deer gold coin.
(Credit: ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive)

Besides these items in Muzium Negara, collections from the National Art Gallery and National Department for Culture and Arts are also available on the site.

You can also explore collections from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

If examining these treasures isn’t enough, the Museum Department also hosts live curator talks on the items in their collections on Facebook page (HERE). So, you can interact with the curator and ask questions to satisfy your curiosity.

Happy exploring!

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