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You Can Be Arrested For Trying To Film Police On Duty At MCO Roadblocks For Viral Videos

You Can Be Arrested For Trying To Film Police On Duty At MCO Roadblocks For Viral Videos


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Since the movement control order (MCO) began, multiple video recordings of police personnel at roadblocks have made their way onto social media. Many of these recordings focus on the questions that the police will ask those who are still on the roads.

However, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador has spoken out about these video recordings, citing that these police officers are carrying out a noble mission.

The objective is to break the Covid-19 chain of infection to save the people.

IGP Tan Sri Abdul Hamid to Bernama

He stresses that the police presence at roadblocks throughout the country are not for the fun of curbing movement or to inconvenience the public.

The police officers on duty risk being exposed to the Covid-19 infection as frontline workers. In fact, these police officers have had to risk their lives to stop people from escaping roadblocks.

(Credit: Malay Mail)

That’s why individuals who record these police interactions at roadblocks for the sole purpose of casting a bad image on them are strongly advised to stop doing so.

If they have gone out to purchase goods, it is not a problem, but if they purposely go out to record the roadblocks, then it is an offence because the police who are performing their duties are not there to be filmed or are on show.

IGP Tan Sri Abdul Hamid to Bernama

You could be charged with obstruction of duty by trying to incite conflict with the police at roadblocks just for the sake of filming a viral video.

These police officers are frontline heroes, but they are also people first. So just let them do their job during this MCO and not make it harder for them.

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