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MRSM Students Win 2 Gold Medals At International Robotics Competition

MRSM Students Win 2 Gold Medals At International Robotics Competition

Tasneem Nazari

Malaysian students are showing that they’re ready to take on the Fourth Industrial Revolution with a recent win at the 2019 International Robot Olympiad (IRO)!

(Credit: Malaysiakini)

Four students from Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) won two gold medals in the international competition against more than 800 participants from 14 other countries, including South Korea, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Egypt and Indonesia.

Ahmad Muqry Hasni and Nur Ain Balqis Mohd Razuan from MRSM Bentong won their gold medal in the Creative Category Challenge which required them to design, construct, and present a robot according to this year’s main theme: Agricultural Revolution.

Ahmad Muqry and Nur Ain presenting Dr Plant at the competition (Credit: UniTech MRSM Bentong/Facebook)

Ahmad Muqry and Nur Ain won the category with their robot Dr Plant, who was created to identify tree pests and control them using pesticide spray.

Meanwhile, Ziyad Azhar and Hana Humaira Wan Hasnan from MRSM Kota Putra bagged their gold medal in the Robot in Movie Challenge where they had to create a robot and shoot a video to present the robot according to this year’s main theme with a sub-theme in “Vital Monitoring”.

The Malaysian contingent, comprising of 51 students, 14 teachers and one officer from the Secondary Education Division travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the week-long annual competition between 15th December and 20th December.

The Malaysian contingent (Credit: MRSM Kota Putra/Facebook)

Besides the two gold medals, the Malaysian contingent also won a silver (MRSM Pendang in Creative Category) and bronze medal (MRSM Kota Kinabalu in Creative Category), as well as a technical award (MRSM Parit).

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Our hearty congratulations to the contingent and especially to the four students who performed exceptionally well in their categories!

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