School assemblies have always been super mundane – unnecessarily long speeches by teachers that ironically start with “I don’t have much to say but..”, passive-aggressive ways of telling you not to do something, singing patriotic songs out of tune… pretty sure you get the picture.

But this kid made it entertaining for his lucky schoolmates.

Twitterjaya broke when this video of young Aqil Nahar treating Children’s Day school assembly like it’s his own concert went viral thanks to his sister, Twitter user @sm0lsusyar

He’s treating it as his own concert HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Holding the camera vlog-style, Aqil records himself prompting his schoolmates and teachers to sing along with him. 

Naturally, Twitter reacted very positively to his videos.

“If I can buy his confidence, I would…”

“He should be a child advocate”

“He can do whatever cringe-worthy thing he wants”

Back in our days, we would have gotten a taste of the rotan if we were to ‘hijack’ the school assembly this way! So, HOW did he get away with it?

Apparently, he’s been famous before…

Isn’t this the kid who complained about how his sister won’t let him play Mobile Legends?

Previously, Aqil went viral with a vlog of himself ranting about his sister not letting him use apps like Tiktok and Mobile Legends, and venting hilariously about school . In the video, he imitates how a Youtuber would talk about their lives, while still in his school uniform! 

When your sister won’t let you use Tiktok, and won’t let you play Mobile Legends either because (the characters) are too sexy. Why are you so cute Aqil hahahahha

Discovering his natural stage presence and lovable personality, his teachers then let him perform at the school assembly.

When asked what his sister feels about him using Tiktok and Mobile Legends now, this is her response:

Aqil with his big sister. Photo credit: @sm0lsusyar

So can he use Tiktok and play Mobile Legends now?
HAHAHAHAHHA no, I still won’t let him play Mobile Legends. (As for) Tiktok, maybe 50/50“.

According to his sister, thanks to these viral videos, his teachers acknowledged his talent and started encouraging him to represent his school in various competitions too.

So, we guess social media isn’t THAT bad huh? Sometimes it works out in your favour.

Watch the adorable video here:

We wish Aqil best of luck and look forward to seeing him do more awesome stuff!

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