Attention to those living in Gombak and Kuala Lumpur!

Expect temporary water disruptions in your area on Oct 31 as Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) will be carrying out emergency valve replacement work at the Kepong Estate Pool area which is experiencing a serious leak.

The repair work will affect a total of 120 areas in Gombak and another 57 areas in Kuala Lumpur with as much as 119,630 users afflicted by the disruption.

The maintenance work is expected to take about 23 hours starting from 9pm on Thursday (Oct 31) to 8pm on Friday (Sept 1).

What can you do?

Air Selangor has advised for you to store adequate water supply for use during the disruption to avoid any inconveniences.

The repair work will take some time so you might want to store up a few containers with water to ensure that you have plenty of water for drinking, cooking and other activities such as washing clothes and bathing.

If you’re unable to stock up on water, the water services provider also announced that they will mobilise water tanks. However, they would be prioritising premises with critical and urgent requirements.

You can view which areas will be affected by the disruption here.

(Image Credit Air Selangor)
(Image Credit Air Selangor)
(Image Credit Air Selangor)

You can also get the latest updates on the water disruptions on Air Selangor’s app or on their website.

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