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M’sia first in SEA to get new RM17 Netflix mobile plan

M’sia first in SEA to get new RM17 Netflix mobile plan

Hakim Hassan

Good news for those who like to binge-watch movies and tv shows on Netflix on their mobile devices.

Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia where the media services provider has introduced its mobile-only plan for RM17/month!

That’s almost half of what you have to pay if you take the basic package where it is around RM33.

The plan will allow subscribers to access all of Netflix’s content in Standard Definition, without any ads, on one mobile phone or tablet.

The only drawback of the plan is that you can’t access your favourite shows on your computer and you can’t watch it in High Definition or Ultra-HD like the more expensive plans allow you to (which includes the RM33 basic plan).

But you still get access to features such as Smart Downloads which you can download your programs via wifi and store them into your device.

This means that you can enjoy your favourite shows while commuting to work without hassle. (But no watching while driving ahh…)

We’re definitely excited about this as now we can enjoy our favourite movies and shows on our phones without spending a lot on the subscription service.

Maybe now you won’t need to get one of those fake RM10 accounts anymore to enjoy some Netflix.

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