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World impressed: M’sian MotoGP racer Hafizh Syahrin “rempit-style” towing fellow racer’s bike

World impressed: M’sian MotoGP racer Hafizh Syahrin “rempit-style” towing fellow racer’s bike

Tasneem Nazari

Our national MotoGP racer Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah recently competed in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Picture credit: KTM Press Center

Although Hafizh finished the race at the second last place, the Tech 3 ace stole the show once the race was over when he helped the race’s champion, Marc Marquez.

According to reports, as Marc celebrated his first-place win, his HondaRC213V which was out of fuel and running on fumes suddenly gave up.

Picture credit: Roadracing World

Hafizh swooped in to rescue the Catalan by giving him a push back to the pit – quite literally.

The audience at the race were pleasantly surprised by the method Hafizh used to tow the Honda hero, which is unbeknownst to them, actually a VERY Malaysian way.

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The short video of Hafizh pushing Marc’s motorcycle using his foot was posted on MotoGP’s official Instagram page and it quickly went viral with over one million views at the time of writing.

Hafizh’s unexpected towing method was well-received online, especially since Marc himself commented on the video thanking Hafizh for his help.

Picture credit: Instagram/@motogp

Meanwhile, Malaysian social media users informed Marc that Hafizh’s method is a classic Malaysian way of helping other riders on the road.

Picture credit: Instagram/@motogp

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