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5 incredible moments from the Chivas & Man Utd Football Club pop-up that you’d love

5 incredible moments from the Chivas & Man Utd Football Club pop-up that you’d love


In case you missed it, Sunday night (20th October)
was a pretty big day for Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) as they went
head to head with arch rivals Liverpool at the Old Trafford Stadium.

Credit: CNN

While United managed to end Liverpool’s 17-game winning
streak in the English Premier League with a 1-1 draw, the moments leading up to
the thrilling showdown was celebrated in exceptional style back here thanks to
Chivas Regal Malaysia.

Together with MUFC, Chivas arranged for a fantastic 3-day pop-up
event called Chivas The Blend at from 18th to 20th
October at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club in Kuala Lumpur.

Chivas The Blend
(Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia)

With a glass of Chivas’ warm scotch in one hand and a smile
on their face, here’s 5 incredible moments that visitors loved from
the Chivas & Man Utd Football Club pop-up event!

1. A Whisky Masterclass

Fans of the Scottish spirit got the chance to blend a whisky
concoction of their very own creation under the watchful eye of Chivas Brand
Ambassador for Malaysia Jasper Epsom.

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

2. A Mini Music Festival with a Theatrical Twist

Did you know that Chivas XV does more than just whisky? They
actually created a pretty cool musical experience called Electronic Theatrical
Music​ (ETM). Just like a blended whisky that’s full of surprises, the ETM is a
blend of various artistic performances and endeavours into nightlife.

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

So it’s a trippy experience where electronic music meets
ballet, opera, gymnastic contortions, dancers and even illusionists!

At the pop-up event, the 90-minute theatrics was led by Sumo
Eleven with catchy beats by locally renowned DJ duo B.A.T.E. 

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

PS: This high octave musical experience will soon be coming to selected clubs in Malaysia, so stay tuned for updates!

3. Cocktail Concerts

Listen, Chivas really loves putting on a jaw-dropping show so
even the event cocktails are a performance piece.

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

Before enjoying the 5 bespoke Chivas cocktails and their
myriad of floral, citrus, fruity, creamy or smoky flavours, visitors got to
witness world-class mixologists shaking up the drinks in sync with a laser light

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

4. A fine dining show

What does one eat to match a superb glass of scotch? Well, Chef
Raymond Tham of BETA KL had an answer.

By some stroke of genius (and maybe magic), he crafted a delectable
yet super fun multi-sensory 15-course canapé dining experience to complement
the complex 85 flavours blend found in the Chivas 18.

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

In fact, diners had the time of their lives deconstructing the
enchanting dishes!

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Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

5. The Match Day Grand Finale

Despite all the hypnotic excitement of Chivas The Blend, no
one could forget highly anticipated Man Utd vs Liverpool match.

In the ​Theatre of Dreams ​- which was essentially
a dome theatre – psyched football fans watched the entire match in great detail
as it was broadcasted on a 360 degrees screen including the ceiling!

Credit: Chivas Regal Malaysia

There you have it, ALL the incredible moments from the Chivas
& Man Utd Football Club pop-up that took place last weekend!

If you’ve got a case of FOMO, don’t worry! Stay tuned to TRP and Chivas Malaysia’s Facebook page for updates on more cool events like these.

Let us know what you loved from Chivas The Blend’s pop up on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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