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Father accepting deceased daughter’s certificate at UiTM convocation ceremony has M’sians in tears [Video]

Father accepting deceased daughter’s certificate at UiTM convocation ceremony has M’sians in tears [Video]

Tasneem Nazari

Dengue fever is not a stranger to Malaysians, most of whom have suffered it themselves or at least had a family member or friend who has been sick with it before.

It’s so common, that most Malaysians don’t pay much heed to it.

How we usually are when sick with dengue
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However, a video shared on Twitter recently has reminded us how deadly dengue can actually be.

The 30-second video shared by @Dzarah shows her father stepping up onto the stage during a UiTM convocation ceremony to receive a certificate.

While most convocation ceremonies would be filled with joy, this was a rather sombre one due to the fact her that her dad wasn’t accepting the certificate for himself, but instead, he was accepting the certificate in the place of his daughter who had passed away before her graduation.

According to Dzarah’s tweets, we learned that her sister, Aina Fatin Ajwa had passed away due to dengue shock syndrome (DSS) a.k.a denggi berdarah.

This year, dengue cases in Malaysia have actually reached an all-time high, with almost 80,000 cases and 113 deaths reported between January and August alone.

In moderate dengue fever cases, consuming enough water (and reportedly drinking papaya leaf juice) can flush out the virus and lead to all symptoms disappearing after the fever subsides. 

Dengue symptoms.
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However, in severe cases, the patient’s condition may suddenly deteriorate after a few days of fever; the temperature drops, signs of circulatory failure appear and the patient may then rapidly go into a critical state of shock.

DSS is characterised by bleeding that may appear as tiny spots of blood on the skin (petechiae) and larger patches of blood under the skin (ecchymoses).

This shock can cause death within 12 to 24 hours.

Social media users who were saddened by the tragic story sent their condolences to Dzarah and her family for their loss.

“I was also saddened while I was doing my work as the event photographer. I hope your sister is placed among the believers”

We would also like to extend our deepest condolences to Dzarah and her family and urge all our readers to stay safe during this dengue season!

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