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Singaporeans may soon flood M’sia for sugary drinks as their gov combats diabetes

Singaporeans may soon flood M’sia for sugary drinks as their gov combats diabetes


Singaporeans have it rough. They live very high-stress lives, only care about making money, and then their country allows them no pleasure in life.

In addition to gum, vapes, shisha, and durians, the next thing to be banned on the island may be sugary drinks.

The Singaporean Ministry of Health has announced the city-state’s efforts to combat diabetes, which targets drinks with a high sugar content. Two initiatives will be implemented:

  1. A total ban on advertisements of drinks with very high sugar content
  2. Sugary drinks will be required to display a color-coded, front-of-pack nutrition label
All the Singaporean kids will cross the border to gorge themselves on giant bubble teas in Malaysia.
(Picture credit: Pixabay)

Additionally, two other proposals are being discussed, including:

  1. An excise duty on all sugary drinks
  2. An outright ban on all high-sugar drinks

The Ministry of Health reached these proposals after a public consultation on how to reduce sugar intake. In Singapore, more than half of their daily sugar intake comes from sweet drinks.

It’s no wonder the Singapore-Johor Causeway is always jam-packed on the weekends with desperate Singaporeans trying to have a good time on our hedonistic peninsula.

The few hours of illicit (for Singaporeans) pleasures is worth the nightmare traffic on the Causeway.
(Picture credit: Malay Mail)

Where else will they be able to speed down highways, chew gum, spit on the roads, gorge on durians, and drink their fill of cheap sugary drinks?

Even though Malaysia has a sugar tax of our own, it seems to have had minimal effect on the drinking habits of Malaysians.

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Perhaps it’s time our Malaysian government consider stricter regulations on sugary drinks as well.

Malaysia: where teh tarik is not a sin, it’s a lifestyle.
(Picture credit: Hungry Go Where)

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