Despite nationwide protests and negative feedback from social media, Foodpanda is sticking to their new payment scheme.

They maintained that it would be more lucrative to riders.

Foodpanda Malaysia Managing Director, Sayantan Das said the new payment scheme is based on an efficiency model – whereby riders who do more deliveries would earn more.

“Now recently, we revised this scheme to one that removes the hourly rate but at the same time increases payment per order. 

Foodpanda Malaysia Managing Director, Sayantan Das

Based on the new scheme, performing riders will apparently earn 50% more income.

On top of the increased payment per order, the new scheme also incentivises the riders with a RM150 bonus upon completing 40 hours a week.

In addition to that, riders will receive an extra RM1 per order between 11pm and 9am daily.

They would also receive an additional bonus when they complete a minimum of 80 orders each week.

As for criticisms made by riders who claim that they waited up to three hours to receive the first order for the day, Sayantan said there would be a list of “Hot Zones” or “high potential zones” highlighted to ensure riders are able to deliver more orders during each shift.

Based on initial data gathered, he added that after implementing this system for almost a week it has shown positive results.

Based on the data, we are confident that the changes made are for the better, and moving forward we’ll be sticking with the scheme, while monitoring to fully understand the impact on our rider fleet before taking the next course of action.

Foodpanda Malaysia Managing Director, Sayantan Das

We’re all up for increased payments per order and hopefully, with the highlighted zones, riders can find out where deliveries are abundant and earn more.

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(Foodpanda riders protest new payment scheme; claim will earn them less money)
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