Listen up, university students!

While the 2019/2020 academic just began this September, our Education Minister Maszlee Malik has a special surprise for you:

Public uni students now have to take TWO new compulsory subjects!

The announcement was made on the minister’s social media channels on Wednesday (25th September) where he introduced the subjects which are:

  • Philosophy & Current Affairs (Falsafah dan Isu Semasa)
  • Appreciation of Ethics & Civilisation (Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban)

According to the announcement, the introduction of the new subjects is in line with the direction of the national education system, which is value-based education.

In Maszlee’s words, it is to ensure local uni graduates are high-minded with distinguished personalities and constantly endeavour to solve issues that plague society.

The introduction of the new subjects also builds on civics education that was introduced to Malaysian schools in June this year.

“But it can’t stop there. This personal development education should continue to the level of higher education.”

Maszlee Malik, Education Minister via Facebook.
Maszlee Malik, Education Minister
(Credit: Mukhriz Hazim/Malay Mail)

He also elaborated on the rationale of making Philosophy a compulsory subject, calling it the science of thinking.

“With philosophy we learn to program our thinking and build a civilization of thought.
It is through philosophy that we analyse, seek the truth, and then plan solutions.”

Maszlee Malik, Education Minister via Facebook.

While the new subjects are compulsory for public university students, they can be taken at any time during their studies.

This announcement comes shortly after the Department of Higher Education’s decision to drop 38 courses from public universities, signalling active restructuring of the Malaysian education system.

You can check out his announcement on Facebook below:

Uni students, let us know how what you think of the new subjects on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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(Education minister: Civics education to be introduced in Malaysia schools in integrated, holistic manner)

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