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Celebrate the free Japanese cultural festival in PJ this weekend

Celebrate the free Japanese cultural festival in PJ this weekend

Anne Dorall

Bon Odori 2019 has come and passed, but there’s another chance to enjoy a celebration of cultural Japan at Aki Fest 2019!

Spanning 2 days from Friday to Saturday, the cultural festival is held annually as a bridge for the Malaysian and Japanese community to come together and celebrate.

Performers of a traditional Japanese dance at Aki Fest last year.
(Picture credit: Aki Fest)

Japanese festivals, known as matsuri, are commonly held in Japan for many festive occasions.

Matsuris always include a wide array of Japanese street food and carnival game stalls, traditional music and dance, with attendees dressed in a casual summer kimono called a yukata.

Picture credit: Aki Fest

Aki Fest promises a family-friendly fun experience for all ages to celebrate authentic Japanese culture. To further heighten the experience, yukatas will be available for rent and sale as well.

Aki Fest will also include sushi-eating contests and various live performances from local and Japanese artists.

Sushi, Take Away, Food, Meal, Seafood, Japanese, Roll
If you love sushi and competition, then it’s a no-brainer.
(Picture credit: Pixabay)

The event is jointly organized by the Japanese Student Association Malaysia (JSAM) and Taylor’s Anime Society.

Aki Fest 2019
Date: 27th (Fri) – 28th (Sat) September
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Venue: Taylor’s University Lakeside
Entry: FREE

For more information visit their official Facebook page here.

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