Last week, Malaysian internet was atwitter over a video showing a busted Kancil buruk in Pulau Pinang.

Shared by the @My_CrimeWatch Twitter account, the 30 second video showed a dishevelled man hopping into a Kancil buruk that seems to be held together by sheer will (or magic) and driving away.

With over 8.9K retweets since it was shared, Twitterjaya were in shock and awe at the miracle that the patchwork Kancil buruk couldmove.

It also seemed that many had spotted the tattered car around KL, Perak and various other locations.

While many were wheezing over the car’s legendary internet fame, it seems like the fun is over.

On the morning of Malaysia Day, Twitter user Amer AK (@Penjejak_Baldi) shared a picture of the car and its owner being pulled over by traffic police, apparently at Jalan Kuching in KL.

Naturally, Twitterjaya had thoughts.

Translation: “Plot twist. He stopped the police.”

“Police: Your exhaust is the cause of haze in Malaysia.
Brother: Sorry sir, I didn’t realise that this car had an exhaust.”

Translation: “Want to summon but there’s no number plate. The policeman is just left staring only.”

Consequently, Amer AK updated later that day that the Kancilburuk had been taken away by the authorities.

Captioned with “Legend Has Fallen”, he shared a picture of the the shambled Kancil buruk, laying crestfallen on the back of a truck.

The owner and origin of the legendary Kancil buruk still remains a mystery, but it’s certainly been an interesting sight on Malaysian roads.

Rest in pieces, Si Kancil buruk. May you find new life in scrapyard heaven.

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