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9 things every hungry homesick Malaysian has done

9 things every hungry homesick Malaysian has done

Anne Dorall

Whether you were abroad for studies or on vacation, nothing reminds us more of home than a craving for our Malaysian food.

What can we do when we’re hungry and homesick though? See how many of these you’ve done…

1. Scrolling through the #malaysianfood hashtag on Instagram at 2am and getting hungrier with each picture.

Picture credit: Instagram

2. Googling the recipe for your favourite Malaysian dish, recreating it with substitute ingredients, and failing miserably.

3. Stuffing the 30th pack of Maggi Kari and 10th pack of ikan assam paste into your luggage… because who needs towels anyway?

4. Trying any Thai/Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants near you for a hint of home.

5. Getting unreasonably upset when your friends in Malaysia post food pictures and it shows up on your timeline.

6. Trying to explain to your international friends the exact Malaysian dish you crave in great detail until their eyes glaze over.

7. Bugging your family to send you videos of your favourite foods then feeling miserable and hungry afterwards.

8. Actually weeping a little when you finally get to eat something that really reminds you of home.

9. Digging into your secret stash of Malaysian snacks you keep for desperate times only.

Picture credit: DC View

What other things have you done to satisfy those overseas cravings? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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