Attention to all our asal Ganu readers!

If you’re planning to balik kampung this weekend for the Malaysia Day public holiday (and escape the haze in KL), you’re gonna wanna take note of this!

Several roads in Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Nerus will be closed from tomorrow night (Sept 13).

The road closures are to make way for the Sultan Mahmud Bridge International Run which will take place in the Terengganu capital on Saturday (Sept 14).

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The roads included in the closure are:

  1. Dataran Batu Buruk
  2. Jalan Persinggahan
  3. Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin
  4. Pasar Payang
  5. Jalan Kampung Cina
  6. Jalan Sultan Ismail
  7. Jalan Batas Baru
  8. Jalan Kemajuan
  9. Jalan Tengku Mizan
  10. Sultan Mahmud Bridge (heading to the city)
  11. Jalan Tengku Omar
  12. Jalan Sultan Mahmud
  13. Jalan Gong Kapas
  14. Jalan Sultan Omar (to Wisma Darul Iman traffic light)
  15. Ladang roundabout
  16. Teluk Ketapang roundabout (from the new drawbridge road)

FYI, the road closure will be carried out in stages starting from tomorrow.

“For the first phase, the road will be closed to all vehicles from 11pm to 6am.”

State Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Department head Supt Abd Razak Hasan via Malaysiakini

In the second phase, the road closures will be from 6am to noon involving roads around Dataran Batu Buruk, Jalan Persinggahan and drawbridge new road to Teluk Ketapang roundabout.

Drive safe and enjoy the weekend!

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(Roads to be closed for Sultan Mahmud Bridge International Run)

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