You must surely be aware that the internet is a strange, strange place.

We come across the weirdest things that have the capacity to make us both laugh and cry.

Today, we experience this odd emotion once again when Malaysians come together on the internet to share pictures of their cat’s teeth.

The hilarious meow-ment began when Twitter user @HaiwanJalanan simply asked people to reply to their tweet with a picture of their cat’s teeth.

“Say no more, fam,” replied Twitterjaya and with 4.7K retweets at the time of writing, Malaysians went all out!

Here’s some of the silliest yet most, purr-fect responses we found for you. Enjoy!

Somebody call the dentist!

Somebody called the dentist! (post tooth extraction)

The derpy kitty

Are these the tiniest teeth ever??

Credit: @akmysf/Twitter

A couple of sleepyheads

When you get into a lot of catfights…

Credit: @yillllllly/Twitter

Putting the lit in litter

“We ran out of cat food??”


Of course, some refused to cooperate

Then the trolls came out..

Which ones were your favourite?

Better yet, share pictures of your kitty’s teeth on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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