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Kemahiran Hidup; the most underrated school subject?

Kemahiran Hidup; the most underrated school subject?

Akmal Hakim

Adults are realising the importance of the Kemahiran Hidup subject.

Kemahiran Hidup which literally translates to ‘Life Skills’ is a course taught in both the primary and secondary school level.

The subject focuses on mechanical, business, social, electronic, home economics and agriculture courses at a basic level.

Within the course, students are taught seemingly unimportant skills compared to regular old school subjects like maths, science and history.

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Generally, students would learn how to sew, balance a chequebook, plant trees and even how to solder a circuit.

Coming to this realisation in her tender 30s, Lainie Yeoh took to Twitter to share thoughts on what she calls a highly ‘underrated’ educational subject.

Lainie speaks her mind on how useful the subject was and how the syllabus should be made mandatory for all students in various stages of learning.

The short commentary appeared to echo the views of others in Twitterjaya who was also aware of how important the school subject was when it came to adulting.

The tweet that came out on September 3 had since received over 3,000 likes and 2,000 retweets.

Like-minded netizens are also pointing out why they think the course should be made mandatory.

So Malaysia, do you agree that KH had been a grossly underrated school subject?

Should it be made into a mandatory course?

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