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T’ganu & Kelantan jungles gateway to drugs, guns and prostitutes

T’ganu & Kelantan jungles gateway to drugs, guns and prostitutes

Akmal Hakim

While the Amazon is literally on fire, things are heating up in a completely different manner back home…

Drugs, guns and girls are being smuggled regularly into the country through the jungles of Terengganu and Kelantan.

(Image Credit: MEME)

According to Free Malaysia Today, smugglers are utilising these so-called ‘rat trails’ that cut across forests and plantations in order to quickly and quietly move contraband.

There are even pathways and tunnels underground that connects the two states with neighbouring Thailand.

Smugglers use these paths to move a number of different merchandise like subsidised rice and diesel fuel from Malaysia, in exchange for cheap drugs, firearms and even women.

Reportedly, in these lawless zones, illicit narcotics such as methamphetamines can be obtained quite easily for as low as RM8 a pop, way cheaper than the market price here in the city.

(Image Credit: Countable)

Various guns and Glocks can also be easily acquired here too for as little as RM300 with each individual bullet costing merely RM1.

(Image Credit: Meme Crunch)

Smugglers also make good money transporting girls in and out of the country.

As much as RM500 per woman can be collected by these human traffickers, moving women that are then sent to be prostituted all over Malaysia.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

These smuggling operations brings into perspective the nation’s fight against crime as well as the ongoing drug epidemic.

The east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis and Pahang have also been noted as the regions with the highest increasing number of drug addicts in the country.

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