In case you missed the 10 million ads and promotions all over the place, the Mid-Autumn Festival is nearly upon us.

And that means one very important thing… MOONCAKE!

While we’ve seen a rise in “creative” mooncake flavours, from durian to ice cream mooncakes, there’s a particularly interesting iteration that’s raised a stink.

We’re talking about PETAI MOONCAKE.

Credit: Facebook

Yes, you read that right. Petai mooncake is a thing thanks to this Ipoh aunty: Jennifer Chung.

The 55-year old home baker came up with the aromatic mooncake last year while experimenting with the infamous stink beans.

“As my father loves to eat petai, I decided to surprise him with petai mooncake in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Jennifer Chung via Malay Mail.

The petai mooncake isn’t her only creation though. Aunty Jennifer’s food experiment with the odorous vegetable is 7 years strong.

She’s been making petai pau, petai chang, petai cucur udang, and petai pulut panggang rice for years!

Petai pau (left) and Petai pulut panggang (right)
(Credit: Facebook)

Back to the petai mooncake, what’s inside?

There are three main ingredients:

  1. Potato
  2. Sambal dried shrimps
  3. Petai
Petai, potato and sambal dried shrimp.
(Credit: Nasha Damsyik/Flickr & Malaysiabest.net)

Working from her home in Bercham, Aunty Jennifer told Malay Mail that she starts preparing at 3am. It’s a laborious task of mixing and resting the dough, making the filling, doing the egg wash as well as timing the baking just right.

She also works alone, making about 100 mooncakes everyday by herself and sells them at RM15 for two.

But don’t you worry, she’s more than happy to take orders for the petai-obsessed amongst us.

Created via Imgflip

If you’re brave enough to give it a go, let her know at 011-33834667 or via the Ipoh Jacky Facebook group before 11th September.

Let us know if you’d like to give petai mooncake a try on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter,andInstagram!

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(Petai mooncake, anyone? This Ipoh home baker is making and selling it)

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