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M’sian commando shot and killed during live military demonstration in Sabah

M’sian commando shot and killed during live military demonstration in Sabah

It was a rather tragic morning when a soldier was shot and killed during a live demonstration at the Lok Kawi military camp in Sabah earlier today (September 4).

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

Major Mohd Zahir Armaya was performing the demo with other members of the force when he was apparently shot at close range.

The demonstration was part of the launch of the Fifth Division of the Malaysian Infantry and the 13th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.

(Image Credit: Malaysian Army)

During the incident, the 36-year-old commando was playing the role of a criminal while dressed in a bulletproof vest and face mask.

The performance notably ended when Mohd Zahir had collapsed at the scene.

He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital before being pronounced dead.

The ranking officer was also the son of veteran comedian AR Badul.

(Image Credit: Astro Awani)

While aware and accepting of the risks faced by his son in his dangerous line of work, the actor also expressed his bewilderment and disappointment at the fact that the bulletproof vest his son was wearing failed to provide adequate protection during the training session.

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu expressed condolences and sympathy to the family while urging the public to not speculate on the incident until a full investigation had been conducted.

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*KENYATAAN MEDIA* Menerima khabar duka pemergian anggota komando 11 Rejimen Gerak Khas, Mejar  Mohd Zahir Armaya yang maut semasa melakukan demonstrasi keupayaan sempena gimik penubuhan Divisyen Kelima Infantri Malaysia (5 Div), pagi tadi. Saya merakamkan simpati yang mendalam dan mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Allahyarham. Allahyarham yang juga anak kepada seniman veteran tanah air, A.R Badul menghembuskan nafas terakhir di Hospital Queen Elizabeth di Kota Kinabalu pada pukul 9.20 pagi tadi. Saya berharap keluarga kepada Allaharyam tabah menghadapi suasana pilu ini dan kami di Kementerian Pertahanan amat bersimpati atas kesedihan ini. Saya juga mengharapkan orang ramai tidak membuat sebarang spekulasi sehingga laporan bedah siasat selesai bagi menghormati keluarga Allahyarham. YB MOHAMAD BIN SABU KEMENTERIAN PERTAHANAN MALAYSIA 4 September 2019

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A statement from the Malaysian Army said that a special committee would be formed to investigate the incident.

Mejar Zahir was a senior military member with the Gerak Khas 11th Regiment, leaving behind a wife and three children.

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