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11 things that will make any M’sian pray and taubat

11 things that will make any M’sian pray and taubat

Anne Dorall

1. When you drop your phone face down

2. When you car goes over a bump when there shouldn’t be one

3. When you double park at a street that always kena saman but you just need to run to a store for 5 minutes only

4. When you’re waiting to buy concert tickets that sell out in a minute

5. When you hear your mum at the front door and suddenly remember she asked you to defrost the chicken before she left

6. When you see how much money you have left for the month after you’ve paid off bills and savings

7. When you go home over the weekend expecting a good time and everyone starts yelling at each other again

8. When you’ve been looking forward to your chocolates in the fridge then find out that your siblings ate them

9. When you finish watching a horror movie and you can hear water dripping from the toilet

10. When you don’t feel your wallet in your pocket and can’t remember if you left it at home or it’s been pickpocketed

11. When you hear noises in the house but you’re supposed to be home alone

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