Know how they say dogs are a “man’s best friend”?

Well, one Twitter user decided to call upon Twitterjaya to share pictures of themselves with their furry (and not so furry) best friends.

The Twitterverse then retweeted back with their own photos from all over the world.

From the biggest of animals.

To the smallest of animals.

From human family pictures.

(Pic Credit: Twitter)

To just friendly street cats.

“Everytime I go to the market, I must buy fish for them. Over time, I get more and more friends.”

Some even shared their pictures of animals in wildlife conservations and zoos too.

From memorable animal projects.

(Pic Credit: Twitter)

To homely pictures with their pets.

His tweet even went viral internationally!

(Pic Credit: Twitter)

Some even insisted that their human friends were not what they seemed…

Whilst @sunfloweraidil‘s Tweet went viral, he advocated for support towards our local wildlife conservation efforts too!

So what are you waiting for?

With long weekends lined up, head to the nearest wildlife conservation and show your support to nature and animals.

Also, share with us pictures of you with your non-human friends on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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