Hello broke Malaysians!

We know, sometimes you really need to book a Grab ride. Or just take GrabFood when you need nourishment whilelazy sick at home alone.

Unfortunately, there’s no denying that frequent usage of the app can be quite painful to the wallet. But there’s some good news…

Twitter user Calvin Cheng (@calvinchengkw) just figured out the most cost effective GrabFood and Grab ride vouchers!

Do take note that these calculations compare how many Grab points are needed per RM 1 discount AND for Platinum users.

Formula: Grab Points needed ÷ RM value of discount = Points spent/RM1 discount.


By comparing all the GrabFood vouchers currently available on the app, Calvin came up with this graph.

MOST COST-EFFECTIVE:  RM15 GrabFood voucher.

LEAST COST-EFFECTIVE: RM20 GrabFood voucher.

Screenshot from Grab

The RM15 voucher requires only 112.7 points/RM1 while the RM20 voucher takes 118.5 points/RM1.

Interestingly, the RM8 and RM10 vouchers both only use 115 points/RM1. So, better take the RM10 voucher lah.

Grab Ride

Then, Calvin turned to Grab Ride vouchers and compiled them into a graph.

MOST COST-EFFECTIVE:  RM25 Grab Ride voucher.

LEAST COST-EFFECTIVE: RM20 Grab Ride voucher.

Screenshot from Grab

The RM25 voucher requires only 112.4 points/RM1 while the RM20 voucher takes 118.5 points/RM1.

If RM25 is too much for you, the RM15 voucher is also not too bad. It requires only 112.7 points/RM1.


Super useful information right?

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