Did you know that 15%-20% of Malaysians suffer from allergies? That’s about 1 in 5 of us, and the numbers are expected to increase in 10 years time!

Allergies must be taken seriously, regardless of the cause. They can be triggered simply by contact or ingestion and can end in death.

In order to tackle the issue of dangerous allergies from food, the Health Ministry (MOH) has conducted a massive food label check all around the country called Ops Label.

Food labels were checked to have the correct use of language and accurate ingredient description.

This is because food products made in Malaysia must have food labels in Bahasa Malaysia. Whereas imported food may have either English or Bahasa Malaysia labels instead.

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About RM109,289 worth of food products were confiscated by the Food Safety and Quality Division of MOH during this raid.

Then, 110 court notices were issued under the 1983 Food Act to food premises who failed to comply with the 1985 Food Regulations Act.

Among the things that were penalised during the operation were incomplete ingredient labelling and missing precaution for hypersensitivities (allergies) labels.

So guys, check your labels but also practice caution before you eat anything! And always have your anti-allergy medicine ready, okay…

(Rise in allergies)

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