We live in a world where we wish snacks can automatically be fed into our mouths and machines can vend all kinds of snacks & drinks.

Well, guess what? There is an ATM that dispenses rice now!

(Pic Credit: Facebook)

The rice dispensing ATM has actually been around for quite some time now.

It is quite popular across Indonesia as a tool to help distribute rice to the needy.

Today, there are over a dozen of these machines all over Malaysia too!

(Pic Credit: Pinterest)

The first Rice ATM was purchased by Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) at about RM19,000 and placed in a mosque in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year.

JAWI aims to distribute rice to over 23,000 needy people (asnaf) of various types like students and reverts with the aid of this machine.

(Pic Credit: Sinar Harian)

Currently, many other companies have followed suit in buying these 6-feet tall Rice ATMs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.

These machines even have a slot for you to put in money if you wish to make a donation too.

What a convenient way to help the needy huh?

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(Mesin ATM beras bantu agih bantuan)
(Masjid di KL perkenal ATM beras pertama bantu asnaf)
(JAWI jangka tempatkan mesin ATM beras di 85 Masjid)

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