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12 Reasons Why Malaysia’s Current IGP Is THE BOSS

12 Reasons Why Malaysia’s Current IGP Is THE BOSS

Akmal Hakim

Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador, Malaysia’s current Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has been in the spotlight a lot since his appointment in mid-2019.

In just under a year into his two-year tenure, the IGP quickly became well known for his unorthodox approaches towards law enforcement and crime-busting.

TRP takes a brief look into some of the bad*ss things the nation’s top cop has done since taking up the mantle.

1. Fixing PDRM’s image

Noted as being honest in his comments exposing the “dark side” plaguing law enforcement in the country, the IGP is also generally open to criticism towards PDRM.

Abdul Hamid had also acknowledged the rakyat’s lack of trust towards PDRM, making it his personal mission to restore the people’s faith in the police force by fighting corruption head-on.

2. Telling the boys (and girls) in blue to stay out of trouble

Abdul Hamid promised strict punishment for officers who abuse their power and take the law into their own hands.

(Credit: My News Hub)

He has prohibited his officers from partying as a means of addressing corruption and disciplinary problems among his officers.

Recently, he also admitted to drug abuse within the force after more than 100 officers were caught using during the recent “Op Blue Devil”.

3. Being honest in the fight against drugs

In 2019, the biggest drug bust in the nation’s history was made where an estimated RM600 million worth of product was confiscated.

Police showing off a bounty of illicit drugs.
(Credit: Malay Mail/Bernama)

Even with the takedown of such a high-value operation, the IGP confessed that with the current resources at its disposal, PDRM is ill-equipped to effectively fight the country’s drug war and openly seeks suggestions and help.

4. Fighting the mob

Vowing to crackdown on organized crime, the IGP is enthusiastic in bringing down gangsters who use violence, intimidation, extortion and corruption as a means to run their illicit businesses.

A scene from the film Kepong Gangster.
(Credit: Poskod)

As many organised crime syndicates fund their activities through the illegal drug trade, fighting the drug war is seen as a major step in crippling the mob.

The IGP also issued an ultimatum to crooked cops to sever ties with these criminal organizations.

5. Taking care of police officers

Stating that the salaries of his low-ranked officers were dismal compared to the current cost of living, the IGP has pushed to increase the wages and benefits given to members of the force.

Abdul Hamid with his officers in Kelantan.
(Credit: Selangor Kini)

Abdul Hamid mentioned that the increase in pay would, in turn, reduce the risk of corruption and temptations to disobey the law as well as increase the overall morale, productivity and quality of life of police personnel.

6. Warned politicians to back off

Expressing his frustrations over certain politically motivated issues that occurred in the country, the IGP made his point in cautioning politicians against using the police force as their personal errand boys.

(Credit: Finance Twitter)

Abdul Hamid stressed that police resources were being wasted on investigating trivial matters when other major criminal elements were happening elsewhere across the country.

The IGP even floated the idea of removing the Special Branch division from PDRM and turning it into an independent intelligence agency, as a means to avoid the government from allegedly carrying out politically fueled operations.

7. Negotiated in Lahad Datu

During the Lahad Datu crisis in 2014, Abdul Hamid was in the frontlines of the conflict, negotiating with the Sulu, Philippine invaders who launched an incursion into Sabah.

Maritime police patroling Sabah’s waters.
(Credit: Malay Mail/Reuters)

Abdul Hamid who was the Bukit Aman’s Special Branch deputy director at the time was accompanied by former Sabah Special Branch deputy chief Asst Comm Zulkifli Abd Aziz during the negotiations.

The IGP was personally instructed by former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to get the assailants to leave Lahad Datu.

8. Received a Medal of Honour

Abdul Hamid was one of two Malaysian police officers who was awarded the Bhayangkara Nararya Star, the highest police award by the Indonesian government for aiding in the fight against the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and pro-Islamic State (IS) militants.

Abdul Hamid and Akhir Bulat receiving the Bhayangkara Nararya Star.
(Credit: Detik News)

Abdul Hamid and Special Branch director Datuk Seri Akhil Bulat are the first non-Indonesians to receive the award.

9. Voicing out on 1MDB

Abdul Hamid was among the few high-ranking officials who were critical about how the previous government was handling 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

(Credit: Malay Mail)

He was so critical that he was labelled as an “enemy of the state” at one point.

10. The farmer who became IGP

During his brief retirement in 2016, Abdul Hamid became a farmer in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

He has shared that during this time, he was once extorted by an on-duty street cop who didn’t know who he was.

A picture supposedly taken during the time Abdul Hamid was on retirement.
(Credit: Gallery Warisan Rembau)

The officer is reportedly facing disciplinary action after the bribery attempt.

11. Chasing down rogue cops

Being tough against corruption, Abdul Hamid vowed to bring to justice police officers who abuse their power for personal gain.

Recently, four Selangor Criminal Investigation Department’s (CID) officers were arrested over an extortion case involving money and drugs.

A random image of a police officer being arrested.
(Credit: My News Hub)

An inspector, 2 detective corporals and a corporal who have served in the force for more than 10 years were alleged to have extorted RM3 million from a Taiwanese businessman who was previously arrested for drug charges.

Apparently the “entrepreneur” had issued a complaint to the police when he and friends were still arrested despite paying “hush money” to the suspects after their drug lab in Cheras, KL was raided.

Abdul Hamid promised severe punishment to all the rouge and corrupt officers involved in the case.

12. Jokes for Jho Low

The IGP also apparently has a penchant for comedy.

Following the viral outbreak of COVID-19, Abdul Hamid joked that the fugitive businessman, Low Taek Jho or more lovingly known by Malaysians as Jho Low, should promptly return to Malaysia to seek medical treatment if the tycoon happens to get infected.

Image result for jho low malay mail
(Credit: Malay Mail/Facebook)

Abdul Hamid also confirms that Jho Low had been officially listed in the International Criminal Police Organisation’s (Interpol) Red Notice list, which is basically an international wanted list used by authorities around the globe to locate, arrest and extradite individuals wanted for crimes.

So what do you think? Is our current top cop THE BOSS or what?!

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