Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah and Deputy Minister of Eduction Teo Nie Ching showed up at Selayang Community College today to experience making mooncakes by hand.

Dr Wan Azizah and Teo start by rolling dough.
Picture credit: Sin Chew Daily

According to Sin Chew Daily, her appearance at the Selayang Community College was also to meet with special needs students from the vocational school.

Both Dr Wan Azizah and Teo can be seen excitedly rolling out the dough to make the mooncake.

Dr Wan Azizah and Teo putting the mooncake into the mould.
Picture credit: Sin Chew Daily

Dr Wan Azizah seemed to enjoy her experience, being full of smiles and asking if she looked cute in her apron.

The mooncakes were presented to the students later to be eaten.

Watch the full video here:

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(中秋节将近·旺阿兹莎 张念群做月饼)

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