A Malaysian adaptation of a popular Disney TV show is getting a lot of international heat.

Wizards of Warna Walk which features an all-Malaysian cast is expected to air on Disney Channel Malaysia (Astro channel 615) on August 30.

Staring upcoming entertainers; Emma Sofea, Mia Sara, Idan Aeden and well-known comedian, producer, actor and papadom-man, Afdlin Shauki, the comedy tells the tale of three wizard siblings who are trying to balance their lives as regular kids and wizards in training under the mentorship of their magical father.

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The show was adapted from the award-winning Wizards of Waverly Place, an American Disney Channel original series which ran from 2007 to 2012 featuring well-known Hollywood names; Selena Gomez, David Henrie, and Jake T. Austin.

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The show recently gained international attention when Twitter user NATHAN TRISKA posted a short critique on the Malaysian made adaptation.

Fans of the show, particularly American ones, quickly jumped on the hate train, openly sharing their disapproval of the remake.

Comments came pouring in calling the adaptation a full out ripoff of the original.

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Show fans were also saying that the adaptation was a direct insult to their childhood, as most Americans assumingly grew up watching and loving the Disney Channel original.

Malaysians, however, were not about to sit quietly on the sidelines…

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Catching wind of the criticism the show was getting, Twitterjaya rushed in to defend the Malaysian made variant of the TV show.

Defenders pointed out that the adaptation was made for an entirely different demographic, targeting local audiences in each respective communities.

Commenters from Malaysia and other nations also brought up the fact that Disney is a global entity and localized adaptations of popular Disney made shows were not uncommon.

The Twitter debate which started on August 22 is still fired up with more than 6,000 retweets, 15,000 likes and tones of comments coming in from across the cyberspace.

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(Meet the wizards of Warna Walk)

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