Guess who decided to make a premiere in Malaysian kitchens?

It’s no other than our beloved Remy from Ratatouille!

This time running a “5-kilometer marathon” in a kuali.

Videos best heard with headphones.

Marathon! 5 kilometre!

(Pic Credit: aminoapps)

Malaysians being the creative bunch we are; decided to go crazy with this video.

Adding some music 🎶…

Stupid! Later I switch on the stove then you know!

As much as Twitterjaya is disgusted by the creature; the video parodies just keep coming.

Especially when this is not the first time ‘Ratatouille’ has made its appearance amongst mankind.

And we don’t think this will be the last either.

(Pic Credit: me.me)

To end the skit;

Well, maybe there goes another “house pet .

(Pic Credit: thought catalog)

We wonder what they did with the kuali,

Because there were some suggestions to just fry the rat.

Fried Rats 😍🤟🏻

With some even giving the recipe.

Supposedly, when he was running, you should have added some cooking oil. So that the rat cannot escape lah. Since you already put oil, you switch on the fire, put some salt, soy sauce, and sauce, finally you get a rat cooked in soy sauce.

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(Rat found in mosque treated to a song and a dance)

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