There has been a temporary system disruption at both Kuala Lumpur International Airports (KLIA & KLIA2).

Among systems affected in the airports are the WiFi connection, Flight Information Display System (FIDS), check-in-counters and the Baggage Handling Systems (BHS).

To tackle this issue, airport operator, Malaysia Airports have been working around the clock.

Relevant staff have also been dispatched to assist passengers.

(Pic Credit: me.me)

In their statement released today (August 22), Malaysia Airports said that they anticipate this glitch may carry on throughout the day.

Hence, they have announced that they will promptly update the public on their status through their social media platforms.

At the time of writing, all systems have been restored to normal except for the FIDS in KLIA2.

Besides their social media platforms, passengers can also contact the Airport Care Ambassadors in the airports or call 03 8776 2000 for more information on updated flight details.

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(Systems disruption at KLIA)
(Systems disruption hits KLIA, in process of being rectified)

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