McDonald’s Malaysia adds a bit of local flair to their iconic Bukit Bintang outlet by adopting the Malaysian-friendly nickname ‘Mekdi’.

(Image Credit: Malay Mail)

The name comes from a play from the localized pronunciation of ‘McD’, a short form of McDonald’s.

The unique name change was made in conjunction with the Merdeka, Malaysia Day, and McDonald’s very own 37th-anniversary celebration.

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The Bukit Bintang outlet, or BB as it’s known by urbanites, stands at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and was chosen to grace the name change as it’s the very first Mekdi to open in Malaysia more than three decades ago in 1982.

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Being one of the country’s biggest player in the F&B industry, Mekdi is no novice in unique localized marketing efforts.

Previously the fast-food joint made headlines over its novelty homegrown ads that were plastered on billboards all over the country.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

Each billboard was customised to represent each individual city, town or state, giving an unparalleled glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle. 

Showing off their Malaysia Boleh spirit, Mekdi also has been pushing its own version of the popular delicacy, the Nasi Lemak, which apparently has been very popular.

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Mekdi has also started a petition to recognize the delectable dish as the official National Dish of Malaysia!

If you’d like to support this delicious cause, you can cast your vote at Change.org.

(Image Credit: MEME)

The petition now has more than 10,000 sign-ups and is targeting one million signatures by Malaysia Day which falls on September 6.

Anyone else feeling like going to makan Mekdi today?

(McDonald's Malaysia celebrates its Malaysian-ness with 'Mekdi' and Nasi Lemak)
(McDonald’s Bukit Bintang transforms into ‘Mekdi’ for Merdeka month)

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