We’re sure many of you are aware of the negative effects of smoking.
(Like lung cancer, asthma, heart attack etc.)

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But did you have any idea just how expensive is this habit?

Turns out, smoking costs the country a whopping RM16 billion!

This breathtaking figure comes from Dr Lee Boon Chye, Malaysia’s Deputy Health Minister who stated that’s how much it’s costing the nation to treat smoking-related diseases.

Dr Lee Boon Chye
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Not only that, this number is FOUR TIMES MORE than the cigarette tax!

Dr Lee was quoted by Bernama, stating that the excise duty on cigarettes collected by the government was RM4 billion per year.

“For every RM1 in excise duty on cigarettes earned, the government has to spend RM4 to treat patients who contract various smoking-related diseases.”

Dr Lee Boon Chye, Malaysia’s Deputy Health Minister via Bernama.

According to the Health Ministry, about 1 in 10 Malaysians are smokers, whereby roughly 27,200 individuals die each yeardue to this habit.

Credit: MEME

Dr Lee has also stated that tackling the smoking habit was part of an important national agenda which should be spread to the public as there are many hardcore smokers who need A LOT of convincing to quit.

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As such, the government has decreed numerous locations as smoke-free zones, such as eateries and any public space (except open-air car parks).

If you’re worried about kicking the habit, don’t worry!

The Health Ministry has also set up free Quit Smoking Clinics to guide Malaysians to better health.

Currently, there are 46 hospitals and 731 government clinics (Klinik Kesihatan) that offer this Quit Smoking service.

You can find the nearest clinic/hospital here.

(Kos rawat pesakit akibat merokok empat kali ganda hasil cukai rokok)

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