Seems like the Malaysian hip-hop scene is alive and thriving!

(Image Credit: Genius)

A couple of local MCs are going viral after having a spontaneous rap battle at a mamak stall.

In a short video that’s taking the internet by storm, Twitter user Tiger shared an epic moment when his boy Raziq Syazri had a freestyle matchup with a complete stranger.

The scene began as the two SPM candidates were simply enjoying a lepak session at the restaurant when they overheard a group of guys sitting at a table across from them dropping a few bars.

In true battle rap fashion, Raziq then proceeded to spit up some fire of his own, surprising the party of three that was sitting at the other corner.

After finishing his verse, the contender then challenged the table opposite to reply.

And replied they did! Shooting off some more rhymes of their own.

At the end of their heated duel, the two groups greeted each other like old buddies, giving props and respects to each other’s talents.

Apparently, Raziq’s opponent had been featured on a local hip-hop talent search program, Budak Belakang.

Netizens were equally impressed by the rappers show of skill, showing their love in the comments.

Interestingly, a lot of female commenters also came in, surprised at how easy it was for men to make friends with each other.

“Its so easy for men to make friends.”

via Twitter

“Its so freaking easy for guys to find friends. If it were women, emm even if you looked at them they’ll give you the evil eye.”

via Twitter

The tweet posted on August 17 had since gotten over 20,000 likes and retweets.

Let’s give it up for these young talented people making Malaysia proud!

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