PLUS is planning to make toll-free highways a reality across the country.

The multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) system would allow for free moving traffic on all highways, in turn, getting rid of toll booths via the use of automatic Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems.

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The ETC makes use of advanced video and vehicle plate recognition technology, replacing current payment methods such as the Touch ‘n Go card and Smart TAGs.

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These systems are can already be seen in use in European countries as well as our closest neighbour, Singapore.

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PLUS chief technology and innovation officer Shamsul Izhan Abdul Majid said this would not be an easy task as it would need the involvement and cooperation of all roadway stakeholders including major support from the government.

He explained that it would take time for such a system to be implemented in Malaysia especially due to the high volume of traffic on our roads and the number of vehicles coming in and out from multiple entry points across the country.

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PLUS is considered to be the nation’s main highway spanning nearly 800km from Singapore all the way up to Thailand, making it the longest expressway in the country.

PLUS is already testing ETC systems such as the “Automatic Number-plate Recognition” program on several routes heading in and out of the Klang Valley and apart from the radio-frequency identification (RFID) electronic toll collection systems that are already implemented.

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These new technologies are being tested to address the monstrosity that is the traffic conditions on our roadways, where tolls are evidently a major contributor to this problem

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(PLUS sasar wujud lebuh raya tanpa palang tol)
(What will happen to PLUS?)

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