A lightweight, who presumably, was a little bit excited over the cheap, duty-free booze in Langkawi, got himself arrested for getting drunk and throwing a fit during a flight from the island to KL over the weekend.

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Police said that the 23-year-old man was caught juicing up with some alcohol he snuck on board in a plastic water bottle.

A stewardess who noticed the man’s attempt to get hammered tried to stop him though her efforts were to no avail.

Apparently, the man was on cloud nine throughout the flight but started to freak out as the plane descended to land at Subang Airport.

The drunk began cursing and shouting at the stewardess who ratted him out earlier. At one point, he even threw a bottle at her.

The boozehound was later detained by airport security when the plane touched down and handed off to the cops.

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It was noted that the Ampang-man had a prior criminal record for stealing, too…

In Malaysia, passengers are generally prohibited from drinking alcohol on domestic flights and international flights that are under three hours.

(Lelaki mabuk buat kecoh dalam pesawat ditahan)
(No ban on serving alcoholic drinks on flights, says Transport Ministry)

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