Anyone who’s dealt with grandparents will know how reluctant they are to go to the hospital. (Tbh, we get it too. You have to wait too long and some of the nurses are so garang!)

But this Atok took it to the next level when he startedspeaking in TAMIL to the doctor!

A video was shared on Twitter by @AdibahRosli, showing her cute Atok lying on a chair while animatedly conversing with an Indian doctor.

Credit: @AdibahRosli/Twitter

Through her Twitter, Adibah shared that her Atok was unwell and his nose was bleeding but refused to go to the hospital.

So, Adibah and her family bought him to a 24-hour clinic. The concerned doctor told him to go to the hospital to seek better treatment but Atok remained adamant.

According to Adibah, the doctor initially spoke in Bahasa to the family, but they switched to English so that Atok won’t understand.

But Atok had a trick up his sleeve and started speaking in Tamil so his family wouldn’t understand!

Atok: I don’t want to trouble them.
Doctor: But they’re willing to come.
Atok: No, no! They’ll get sick!
Doctor: Who’s sick?
Atok: My wife and her mother.

With the video going viral, everyone couldn’t help but to laugh at how earnestly her Atok tried to convince the doctor.

Translation: Amazing, atok!

Translation: Her atok is so cute.

Adibah also clarified in her tweets that her Atok used to live in an estate in Air Panas, Johor with many Indian neighbours, and he probably picked up Tamil from his neighbours.

While everyone was fawning over her Atok, there were also many that shared stories of their own multilingual parents and grandparents.

Translation: My late grandfather was chill only speaking Thai. He used to call his friends in Thailand, and I was just speechless.

Translation: My grandmother understands Tamil even though she can’t read.

Translation: When my grandfather was alive, he used to bring me along when hanging out with his Chinese and Indian friends. Sometimes he spoke in Chinese, sometimes he spoke in Indian.

Translation: My grandfather speaks Tamil at the market.

Translation: Haha my dad can also speak Tamil. At the mamak, he talks to the workers in Tamil. Everyone always looks at us.

Translation: My opah can speak a little bit of Tamil. When she was young, her neighbours were Hindus. My grandmother can speak Chinese and Japanese.

If you’re wondering how dear ol’ Atok is doing, don’t worry! Adibah says that Atok is well and healthy now, laughing away at all the comments calling him cute.

Credit: @AdibahRosli/Twitter

Nandri for making our day, Atok!

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