It’s happened: a wedding invite is sitting in your inbox, waiting for you. You’re now officially a wedding guest.

So… what do you actually do now? How do you prepare for the wedding (and the free food)? What do you have to bring? What do you have to wear? How do you fit in?!

Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered with this super simple guide to all Malaysian weddings receptions!

Malay Wedding

What you need to bring: A big smile and gift (doesn’t have to be a monetary gift). New household items are popular as well to symbolize the couple starting a new family together.

What you should expect: lots of food buffet-style, no table constraints (sit wherever you want!) and no obligation to stay for the entire ceremony.

What you should wear: Dress for the venue, but a classic Baju Kurung or Baju Kebaya can never go wrong. Other than that, anything presentable is fine. Please don’t wear a t-shirt, jeans, and selipar.

Picture credit: Unsplash

Chinese Wedding

What you need to bring: An ang pau with a monetary gift for the wedded couple with your name on the back. The average donation is about RM100-RM200/person but that can change based on where the wedding dinner is held. Figures ending with 8 are considered good fortune, but try to use new notes.

What you should expect: The dinner to start a little late, may be seated with people you don’t know, sitting through the whole 10-course meal, and losing your breath toasting the bride and groom with the longest and loudest yum seng you can manage.

What you should wear: Dress for the venue, but avoid fully-red, fully-white or shockingly bright colored outfits. Something nice that you would wear to a fancy dinner works as well.

Picture credit: Zosemedia

Indian Wedding

What you need to bring: A monetary gift in an embroidered envelope or a plain envelope with your name on it. The average donation is also about RM100-RM200. Figures ending with 1 are considered lucky.

What to expect: The reception usually has tons of delicious food (and booze). Be prepared to get social, make friends, and dance your heart out.

What you should wear: Have fun with color, patterns, and loads of accessories. You don’t have to wear traditional Indian dresses like the saree or dhoti, but wear something comfortable that would at least allow you to move.

Picture credit: Pexels

The most important part of going to a wedding is to celebrate the newly weds, so don’t stress out too much about it! Just have fun!

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