With everyone squabbling on the internet about EVERYTHING, sometimes Malaysian internet can feel like a highly toxic place.

But sometimes, our timelines get blessed with videos like this:

We’re officially in tears watching this Mak Cik rocking out to Puli Puli, a famous Tamil song by local Indian rock group, Darkeys & The Keys.

Originally posted by GanNazx on Tik Tok, the video shared on Twitter by @shhaalini_ had the entire Malaysian internet in stitches as well.

Translation: This is why we have to balik kampung often to check on our parents.

Translation: I feel like going home right now to see what my mum is doing. So worried.. hmmm.

Translation: Mak Cik, I want to cry

We did some sleuthing and found the original poster’s Tik Tok profile which was full of equally entertaining videos of her dancing to various songs.

There’s Chinese songs…

English rap…

And some Bollywood…

TRP would like to thank GanNazx for brightening our day with her amazing moves.

Keep on rocking, mak cik!

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