There are bad days and there are absolutely terrible days. There will be times when you are so drained you barely have any energy to even breathe.

We understand. We’ve been there. We’re all depressed too. So we helped you prepare a definite cheat sheet to at least still appear in acceptable shape.

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from major depression, please take your mental health seriously and speak to a counselor.

This guide is merely a cheat sheet for those incredibly difficult days and should not be a long-term solution.

1. Use air freshener on your bed and pillow

Wallowing in bed sounds good but wallowing in a fresh-smelling bed is even better. Just get some air freshener (the fabric odour eliminator spray kind is best) and give your bed and pillow a few generous spritzes before you curl up and cry.

No need to strip your bedsheets and wash them- those can wait ’til another day.

2. Dental care: mouthwash edition

Alright, you’re too tired to even brush your teeth. What you can do to rid yourself of nasty breath is a quick gurgle of mouthwash. (Please remember to spit it out.)

It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

3. Refresh with wet wipes

On those days where a shower is beyond your mental capabilities, give your face, neck, and underarms a quick refresh with cleansing wipes.

It takes very little effort but you’ll feel much better after.

Invest in dry shampoo as well to still keep your hair relatively fresh.

4. Feed yourself

First: drink a lot of water. That means plain water, not sugary drinks/teh tarik/coffee. Then find some food, even if you’re not feeling hungry.

If you don’t have any convenient leftovers, then just literally eat what you have. Sure, it would be great if you can get yourself healthy, delicious grub. But your priority now should just be feeding yourself, period.

No energy to cook maggi on the stove? Microwave it. No energy for that? Find some crackers or chips to snack on. If all else fails… there’s always delivery.

5. Relax

There’s no need to feel guilty over what you “need to do”. That guilt will only serve to make you feel worse.

Accept the fact that you’re having a truly terrible day and cut yourself some slack. Be okay with letting go. Let yourself lie in, curl up, and cry if you need to.

Do anything that makes you feel better: read a light book, watch some nostalgic cartoons, or even just cuddle your cat.

Give yourself some time to rest, get some good sleep, and hopefully you will wake up in a much better place.

Depression is difficult and often insidious. It’s always better to speak to a professional as soon as you can. There are always resources available to you and you are not alone.

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Want to see a government mental health professional? Here are the steps! The information from this poster is applicable across Malaysia. In our previous post, we noticed that we mentioned only about Selangor. We apologize for that. Disclaimer: This is a general information. There might be different process in certain hospitals. At the same time, you can also consider our psychological support service such as counselling and psychotherapy. To enquire about our services, kindly contact us at 03-77825499. #mmha #mentalhealth #psychology #psychiatry #mentalillness #psychologist #psychiatrist #counsellor #youarenotalone #malaysiamentalhealth #breathe #breathingexercise #relax #mentalhealthawareness #talktous #hospital

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