Yesterday (August 12), on Day 9 of Nora Anne’s disappearance, the Irish family has offered £10,000 (~RM50,000) to locate their 15-year-old daughter.

(Pic Credit: Malay Mail)

Meabh Jaseprine Quoirin, mother to lost child pleads to anyone who has any knowledge on their eldest child’s whereabouts to come forward.

The £10,000 incentive was donated by an anonymous Belfast-based business.

Media personnel have been invited to participate in the search and rescue (SAR) mission yesterday (August 12) by being allowed to wait at the foothill of Gunung Berembun

Previously, media only waited at a tent near the entrance of the resort or at the Pantai police station in Seremban.


On day 9 of SAR, 348 personnel were deployed in the search for Nora.

Among the men participating in the SAR party are the General Operations Force’s 4th Battalion, Semenyih, the 3rd Battalion Senoi Praaq Unit, and the Sarawak Forest Department.

The local residents have also been scouting the terrains for Nora.

(Pic Credit: Malay Mail)

A special Twitter account has also been set up to follow Nora’s SAR updates.

An exclusive SAR hotline at 0111-2285058 has been set up to report any information about Nora’s whereabouts.

Although if you are not in Malaysia, you can email ops@lbtrust.org instead.

(Keluarga tawar ganjaran RM50,000 untuk kesan Nora Anne)
(RM50,000 reward for finding teen)
(Crowdfund for missing Irish teen raises RM178,568)

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