Hello Malaysians. We’re so sorry to do this to you, but there’s a new durian abomination creation in town.


Credit: Pizza Hut

That’s right, after having our senses and sensibilities outraged by durian beer, durian cheese burger, durian bubble tea and even durian hot men, we find ourselves confused AGAIN.

This time, the people behind this durian furor is Pizza Hut who unveiled their Durian Cheese Pizza with an interesting advertisement based off that femes When You Say Nothing At All song.

Shared on their Facebook page, the announcement was aptly captioned with “make your taste buds question themselves.”

Judging from the social media reactions, taste buds weren’t the only things being questioned.

Reactions were mostly outrage & confusion…

Screenshot from Facebook

Though there were a many optimistic durian lovers …

Screenshot from Facebook

Interesting… But how much ah?

According to Foodie.my, the Durian Cheese Pizza is priced at RM 44.50 a la carte.

Credit: Foodie.my

There’s also a three deals ranging from RM42 to RM65, where you can either get the Durian Cheese Pizza with a regular pizza or with drinks and sides.

We’ll reserve judgements until we try the pizza for ourselves, but nothing can ever replace our love for the original King of Fruits.

Let us know if you’re willing to try the durian cheese pizza on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter, orInstagram!

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