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Aussie High Comm responds to viral tweet of M’sians denied boarding plane to Perth

Aussie High Comm responds to viral tweet of M’sians denied boarding plane to Perth

Tasneem Nazari

Earlier this week, the story of six young Malaysian women who were forbidden from boarding a plane to Perth after apparently being “profiled” went viral on Twitter.

Now it appears that the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia has responded to the tweets.

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Andrew Goledzinowski clarified to @reenzahari that Malaysians ARE NOT being profiled by airline liaison officers (ALOs).

He further explained that even though the ALOs are well trained and experienced in spotting those intending to work illegally or overstay, no system is perfect.

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While most netizens are still perturbed over the issue, there are some who have decided to make their own necessary arrangements to help ensure they don’t face the same fate as @reenzahari.

Twitter user @NadiaAzlan shared several tips with her followers on how she prepares for her trip when visiting Australia.

“Profilers usually aim for solo travelers and young travelers. If you go with your family, it’s much easier to get past. Tips for young travelers going to Australia: bring a little bit more cash. If you wanna backpack, you can, but if you get asked how much money you have on hand, it’s gonna be tough for you.”

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@NadiaAzlan encourages those travelling to Australia to do their research on the laws of the country including visiting the country’s border control website.

Personally, as @NadiaAzlan often travels with her family, she tends to bring a lot of food with her.

So, she prints out a list of all the items that need to be declared upon arrival in Australia. The practice makes her seem more transparent to immigration officers and helps make the whole process much smoother.

Of course, these tips are strictly for those who intend to visit Australia as tourists.

If you’re interested in visiting the country to do one of those working-holiday trips, here’s how you can go about doing that.

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