The Bau Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) was deployed yesterday (August 5) evening when an emergency call was made in Tondong, Sarawak.

Residents of the home suspected there was a rotting human body stinking up their house.

The stench was so bad that the occupants could not tahan and proceeded to call Bomba.

After searching the whole house, Bomba found the source of the stink coming from above the ceiling;

It was a rotting dead rat!

(Pic Credit: Facebook)


Reading this, we decided to do some research on rat stench.

Why do dead rats smell so bad?

The culprit behind this is sulphur and methane. Basically chemicals found in rotten eggs and cow dung.

The larger the rodent, the longer the smell lingers around before the decomposed rodent dries up.


How to remove the horrible stench?

1. Bleach

Using a mixture of bleach and water, thoroughly clean the area with gloves.

You don’t want the rat germs on your skin.

(Pic Credit: YouTube)

2. Absorbents

You can use ground coffee (used ones are fine too, as long as it’s dry).

Sprinkle it around the area and allow it to sit for a few days.

(Pic Credit: randomvibez)

3. Ventilate the area

Yup, it’s as easy as opening the windows and allowing the bad air flow out.

If you are more atas, you can try using an air ioniser.


4. Use candles or air fresheners

This one of the simplest solution to get rid of any odours you don’t fancy.

Get a bottle of your favourite scent and spray, spray, spray!

(Bomba Bau)
(Ingatkan mayat, rupanya bangkai..)

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