It’s no secret that getting a job nowadays is HARD.

Not only do you need the qualifications of Einstein, you also need to keep your salary expectations low and PRAY that the employer also likes you.

Picture Credit: @_vicksolo/Twitter

Unfortunately, there’s another dark factor that pops its ugly head every now and again.


Sadly, Shambavi Shankar came face to face with this horrible reality when taking part in Malaysia’s number one national pastime: going to the mall.

As she was strolling around a Klang mall, she came across this vacancy notice:

The notice, specifically requesting for Malay and Chinese applicants only, was plastered on the glass display window of fashion outlet, Kitschen, at their Bukit Tinggi branch.

Picture Credit: Shambavi Shankar/Facebook

As a regular customer of the brand, an upset Shambavi walked in and asked for an explanation for the discriminatory notice, to which the staff replied:

“Isn’t it better to inform the Indians on a notice outside rather than wasting their time, walking inside and applying.”

via Shambavi Shankar/Facebook.

Sharing the incident on Facebook, her post garnered much attention with netizens feeling shocked and upset.

Screenshot via Facebook

However, all hope is not lost as Kitschen has apologised for the incident on their Facebook page and on Shambavi’s post.

Picture Credit: Kitschen/Facebook

In the comments of their apology post, Kitschen further explained that the vacancy posting was put up without the management’s approval.

Screenshot via Facebook

They also stated that they are investigating the matter and reviewing the SOP to prevent this from ever happening again.

While it’s unfortunate that such discrimination still exists in 2019, we do commend the retailer for admitting their mistake and making a swift apology.

Let’s hope that this never happens again.

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