Growing up watching the Disney Channel on Astro, the closest we ever got to a local Disney show was Disney Buzz.

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But looks like that’s about to change with a new Disney cartoon set in Malaysia/Singapore starring Mickey Mouse and his friends!

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According to Malay Mail, Mickey Go Local is a new series by Disney where Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy explore Malaysian and Singaporean food, clothes and architecture across 6 episodes.

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The first episode, called Master Hawker, was revealed on Disney Channel Asia’s YouTube channel 2 weeks ago (24th July) and it looks absolutely charming!

We see a beautifully drawn open-air hawker centre filled with stalls selling deliciously familiar local food like char kuey teow,cendol & asam laksa with the Mickey Mouse gang.

The 2-minute episode centres around Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck fighting over getting Goofy to eat at their food stalls- where Mickey runs a satay stall while Donald runs a roti canai stall.

Picture Credit: Disney Channel Asia/YouTube
Picture Credit: Disney Channel Asia/YouTube
Picture Credit: Disney Channel Asia/YouTube

It’s a pretty cute short where you can hear local words peppered between the characters’ incoherent words. Like Donald Duck saying “mai sini” (come here) and Goofy exclaiming “Shiok!” (nice!)

Picture Credit: Disney Channel Asia/YouTube

The comment section was full of appreciative locals, who couldn’t help but beam in pride at the representation of our culture.

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Young (and old) TV watchers will soon enjoy Master Hawker on their home screen as it will be aired on Disney Channel starting from tomorrow (7th August).

The second episode, premiering on 30th August, will be called Peranakan Spice and that sounds REALLY delicious!

There will be more shorts released over the months until January 2020, so we will have more cute local Disney cartoons like this to enjoy!

Meanwhile, you can watch the Mickey-Donald-Goofy food fight below:

Btw, are you Team Roti Canai or Team Satay?
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(Mickey Mouse grills satay, Donald Ducks flips roti canai in Disney’s animated shorts set in Malaysia and Singapore (VIDEO))

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