Know how there’s always a phase in every relationship where EVERYTHING is PERFECT and AWESOME?

Well, this college girl @sellaeilish is so smitten with her boyfriend, that when he listed her 10 BIG NO-NO’s of their relationship, she was NOT stunned, instead, she felt loveddd...

These kinds of guys are so cute, the type who gives you lists of things….eyyyyyyy I want to pinch can or not??!!!

The post goes;

I have a lot of things I don’t like

1. Don’t be close with other guys

2. Don’t overchat with other guys

3. Don’t tuck in your shirt

4. Don’t walk alone

5. Sit quietly in class

6. Wear your hijab properly

7. Love me only (the most important)

8. Don’t chat with ***

9. Don’t go thinking I don’t love you

10. Don’t lie to me

So where do you draw the line of lovey-dovey and pushy-crazy?

Generally, Twitterjaya is upset by ablaze by this chauvinistic behaviour.

Mostly asking this girl to run the other way.

If a guy controls you like this, some girls might find it sweet and all, but for me I don’t like it. I’m scared he might be hot tempered hahahaha.and you’re not my husband yet soo.

A steady stream of relationship advice is also flooding this girl’s page.

As long as he’s not your husband, he has no right to set such rules. If he were to just tell you the things he dislikes and it is totally up to you to change, then it’s still OK. But if her forces you to change just for him, it’s totally wrong.

I have seen a couple like this. Until one day, the girl made a mistake. At first, he was just scolding her, then he started yelling in public, then he started to slap her. Not you la.. dont worry.

Amongst the labels this girl’s boyfriend has been called is ‘childish‘.

Is you boyfriend the class monitor? Making lists of things he doesn’t like. Like when the teacher leaves the class, class monitor goes power crazy

Whilst some mocked sarcastically, with a string of memes.

The warnings are not coming from females only.

That’s b*******t , and I know men who love to make rules are hot tempered, beware

Ironically, @sellaeilish is so smitten in love that her page is full of retweets of fangirls (and a guy) like her.

It is good that he says things like this, normally when a person gives advice that means they love you too much.

number 3 is cute!!!! like he is trying to take care of your honour becasue he knows how men are

“got many more, but later la. I’ll collect some more” This is cute 🤣

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(Pic Credit: imglfip)

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